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Very disappointing

I actually never got to use this app so I cant give it one star in good conscience. However, the reason I never got to use this app is because it will not allow me to bypass the 14 day free trial of YouTube Red. Maybe if I were given a choice about whether to do the trial or not I would have done the trial. But I dont appreciate being forced into decisions and I dont care if its free the decision should be mine. So the decision that I will make is to not use this app until this is resolved.

Youtube Music

Great app , simple , quality.

Great but a few problems..

I was listening to my favorite song and I tried to put it in my offline mixtape but when I wanted how many songs I want, it just shows random songs that I dont listen. Pls help me. :( Thank you!

Offline mixtape

Please allow us to put together our own offline mixtape... i hate the music that they put in the mixtape.

Great. Needs an iPad version though

Simple stations and mixes

Useless unless you pay

You have to pay to play music once the app closes

Dont get it!!!

You cant listen to music out of the app unless you pay

Great music app

Its different from all the other apps. Whats awesome is you can finally listen to music videos/ songs without having to download them.


If u want music with no ads, different songs and your favorites then u need this app.

Very good to bleh

The app would run in the background,now it does not. Lame.

This is actually a great music app because it gives you a free 1 month trial once you download it and it connects to YouTube too


Its a great app but I wish on the stations you could delete the songs u dont like

It is music app ,but No have Repeat function!!

Please add repeat function! thanks


Thank you Google

Finally, thank you!!

Forced into 14-day Trial of YouTube Red

Being forced into a trial period for an app is enough to cause me to give YT Music ONE STAR.

Long commercials

This app would be fine if the commercials were 30 seconds like all the other apps. But most of the commercials are 10 minutes or more which is unacceptable. I will stick to Spotify thank you.


Amazing app honestly


Best app to listen to music on but plz add where we can make a playlist

Great app Google!!

Awesome , smooth and very easy to use app ... powerful search too.. good job google

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