YouTube Music App Reviews

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Great app


An option to create your own playlists will make this app 10/10

Pointless app

At first I thought this was a great app...then my trail of YouTube red expired. Now it is just a waste of space. The fact that you must pay to have background music is ridiculous.

It is a Really good app

I love YT music a lot especially the offline playlist mode! There is no reason to h8 on YT music:D

Its like YouTube had a baby with pandora and Spotify was the step-parent

The app is amazing u can make an offline mixtape were its just a playlist if your favorite song and just jam out to it on the go without any wi-fi Im in love with it and I think u will be too.

Could be better

If you use pandora than this is perfect for you. I dont use pandora so I dont like this app.


I dont understand why its 12.99 a month. Ill pay 7.99 even 8.99 But I dont feel like having a chunk of my money gone every month

Good app

The off-line mix tape was my personal favorite throughout the whole app but five stars because I like it in general

Love It!!!

I got YouTube Red and I was very surprised at how simple it was, although I have also been having trouble with the Offline Mixtape feature because of all the mixup of my songs but I give it a 5 star otherwise :)


Yo yo dos wuz reel dank my broz, but it Shuld b free always ya feel.

All I have to say is...

It is awesome! The offline capability that allows you to listen to music/videos that you enjoy listening to makes it really worth the download. It really allows you to enjoy what you like.


This is the BEST music app out there every one needs this!!

Great app!!

No adds and unlike YouTube it doesnt turn off when your screen locks I absolutely love it


Thought this was supposed to keep playing music when youre off the app? My music stops when I click off the app? ‼️‼️‼️Please fix‼️‼️

Better than Spotify!


I love this app

This app is really great to use at work. I know that it closes out when app is closed out, but at work I dont need to exit out and it is better than iTunes because I get to hear music I would otherwise not have been exposed to.

Good but need some improvements

I cannot turn off my phone or else the music will stop but my little sister can on her tablet. If I wanted that I would just use YouTube so I dont see the point.


I can say how happy I am with this app finally you can listen to a mixtape on YouTube without commercials and banners!

Something to look into

Hi Im kadin Swander I have one thing stopping me from paying after the free trial is over is to be able to download specific song from the playlist

YouTube music

This is what Ive always wanted thanks YouTube

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